9 Best Eco-Friendly Loofah (Luffa) Alternatives

eco-friendly loofah and soap

Eco-friendly loofahs, also known as luffas, are one of my favourite bathroom items. I personally use it every other day to avoid dry skin. However, I make sure to do it whenever I spend a lot of time outside to wash off all the dirt. It makes me feel much cleaner versus only using soap.

When I was younger, I used plastic-like loofahs until organic options became a thing. In this article, I will show you how to choose an eco-friendly loofah that does not grow mould or develop a bad smell.

I will then list my favourite loofahs. Who knew there are a handful of options that are designed for specific purposes? Using a sustainable loofah also makes a great addition to your eco-friendly travel kit.

What to Consider When Buying Sustainable Loofahs

Before you buy organic loofahs, there are a few factors to help you decide which one is suitable for you. This includes which loofah type to use for what purpose.


We are all too familiar with plastic, round loofahs. While they do a great job, the feeling of plastic touching my skin doesn’t feel comfortable. Not to mention that this material will develop a strong foul smell after a while, which then requires replacing it.

When choosing an eco-friendly loofah, you want something made of natural materials. The most popular loofahs are dried coral and sea sponges. These are nicer to your body, eco-friendlier, and completely plastic-free products. There is also a body scrubber made of stone.

Texture, Design, Shape

Dried coral loofahs are often hard in texture. However, there is also a softer version that is great for people with sensitive skin. While sea sponges are really soft, however, it does take a while for them to dry. Stones are made of natural Earth lava.

For shapes and designs, loofahs can be:

  • Lengthy
  • Round
  • Pads
  • Come with a stick or a handle


Lengthy loofahs are great for people who are not flexible or have a disability. By simply holding both ends, you can scrub the parts of your body that you can’t reach. This works just like a body scrubber with a handle.

Dried corals are good for scrubbing your body, legs, feet, and arms. If these feel too rough, you can opt for the softer version. Dried corals come in different sizes. I like big ones (about the size of my hand) to use for my body, while the small ones are great for cleaning between your fingers, toes, and behind your ears.

Stone loofahs are great for your heel and feet. However, I don’t recommend you use them every day as they can make your skin on the heel thin, making it hard to walk on your bare feet. Around once a month is a good schedule for scrubbing your heels.

Best Eco-Friendly Loofah (Luffa) Alternatives

1. Double-Sided Long Loofah (Back)

This double-sided loofah can help you reach your back and other hard-to-reach areas. It is also not super rough, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. The size is about 4 x 30.75 in (10×78 cm) and it has easy loop handles on both ends.

Even though it is made with polyester and nylon, it’s machine washable. Thus, there’s no need to replace it until it breaks or falls apart, which typically takes years. It also dries fast so no bacteria can grow in the loofah. It comes in 3 different colours. This loofah is a great sustainable product for an eco-friendly bathroom.

2. Egyptian Shower Loofah (Body)

This loofah has one of the most common designs or sizes for an organic body scrubber. This eco-friendly loofah is made with a naturally dried sponge without plastic or petroleum-based material. You can use it for your body, arms, and legs.

My only concern with this is because of its shape and size, it isn’t suitable for scrubbing between your toes. However, it is hypoallergenic and quite thick, meaning it will last a long time.

3. Sea Sponge Loofah (Face)

coral loofah

This very soft shower puff is kind to your skin and suitable for your face. This eco-friendly loofah is also rich in lather (foam) when wet and soaped. This property makes it great for bath lovers. It is made from an all-natural and renewable honeycomb sea world sponge. To make sure it lasts a long time, make sure to wash it with baking soda with a water solution. This will keep the bacteria from growing and vivid any nasty smell.

4. Eco-friendly Loofah Complete Set

best eco-friendly loofah set

This is definitely my favourite on this list of eco-friendly loofahs. Firstly, because it has everything for the entire body. Secondly, it also contains gloves body scrubber. I personally love hand globes for the loofah. It lets me have complete access when scrubbing my body and I don’t have to put too much pressure when scrubbing because of the complete grip.

This pack comes with a:

  • Back scrubber
  • Hand gloves loofah
  • Loofah pad
  • Nail scrubber
  • Soap-foaming cotton sack
  • 3 adhesive hooks

5. Earth Lava Stone (Feet, Elbow, and Hand)

lava stone loofah

After you scrub your feet with a loofah, you should also spend time scrubbing callous from your feet and palms. Remember to not do it too often to avoid making your heels overly sensitive. Using this natural East lava stone is a good choice. It removes dead skin but also because it is all-natural, it doesn’t smell.

6. Loofah Pads/Gloves (Body)

The flat kind of loofah is a great choice for a body scrubber. Because of its shape, it’s easy to apply pressure on the loofah. This means you don’t need to buy a hard texture loofah. Instead, get a gentle and soft loofah and adjust the pressure according to your liking. Since it’s also small, it’s easy to bring on a holiday.

7. Loofah with a Handle (Body)

Some people prefer loofahs with a handle. Not only does it allow you to reach more areas of your body, but it also gives better control of the scrubber. Due to the handle, unlike other eco-friendly loofahs, this one won’t slip off your hands.

8. Small Loofah (Between Fingers and Toes)

This eco-friendly loofah is small and soft. This means that it’s the best loofah to clean between your fingers, toes, and behind your ears. It is 100% made of biodegradable material. It can degrade or compost into your fertiliser. 

9. Alternative for Nails

I should have added a scrubber for nails. However, I couldn’t find loofahs that do not grow mouldy or do not have weak bristles. I actually use discarded toothbrushes or bamboo toothbrushes to clean my nails. If you want to try a used toothbrush, soak it in vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. Then, rinse it properly before using it.

How to Clean Your Eco-Friendly Loofah

Unless the manufacturer says you can wash your eco-friendly loofah in the washing machine, you can instead do the following. Use a vinegar, baking soda, and warm water solution. Leave your loofah to soak overnight. On the next day, rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry in the sun.

Best Eco-Friendly Loofah (Luffa) Alternatives

It’s really time to ditch your plastic loofahs and instead invest in a good and organic body scrubber. Eco-friendly loofahs last for a longer time and are either biodegradable or easy to recycle due to their natural materials.

Loofahs are great and easy everyday swaps to be more eco-friendly.

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